Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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Meet The Team

Fito Rivera

CEO, Executive Producer, Director / Actor

Fito Rivera is our amazing Executive Producer and Director who was the founder of Rivera Films Studios with his daughter Valeska Rivera  since the very beginning. Fito Rivera a Three Times World Martial Arts Champion and MBA of Film Producing Business left everything behind and moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a lifelong dream of working in the Film production industry, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Valeska Rivera

Producer, Writer , Actress

Valeska Rivera is our amazing Writing and Producer  who funded Rivera Films Studios with her father Fito Rivera and since takes care of the creative business. Without Valeska in the office we wouldn’t laugh as much, and we definitely wouldn’t get as much done!


Line Producer / Actress

Sharon Buckless  is our amazing Line Producer who has been with us since 2015. Sharon is also a published writer and a dedicated professional who is in love with filmmaking.
Sharon is in charge of run the productions business.


Producer / Actor

Michael Scanlin is a Producer and a great actor who is involved in all the projects of Rivera Films Studios.
He is a former Professional Baseball Player for The Texas Rangers and now a very successful business man.


Public Relations Director / Make Up Artist / Actress

Betsy Webb has accumulated many years of work experience as a Public Relations expert. Betsy came to us with an advertising and Journalism background and is in charge of the way our image and projects are presented to the world.

Danly segovia

Associated Producer / Actress

Danly Segovia is not only a great actress but also is Associated Producer.
Danly is passionated with perfection and work very hard to achieve the best of her career at Rivera Films Studios.


Legal Department Director, 

Entertainment Attorney

Whitney Houston is  is our amazing Legal Department Director, She is an extraordinary Entertainment Attorney with many years of Industry experience and she oversees all the legal documents and contracts at Rivera Films Studios.


Director of Photography

Keith Blackard is our talented Director of Photography who capture the amazing images that give life to our films.
Keith is a very dedicated D.P. who also have a great background in photography.


Chief Editor

Jeff is our amazing Chief Editor, he is a USC graduate from the Film Department.
Jeff is an Emmy Award Winner for his editing  skills.


Associate Producer / Actor / Stunt Coordinator

RJ Howard is Associate producer and actor who also uses his Martial Arts Skills as stunt coordinator.


Music Composer

Rene Boscio  is our amazing Music Composer who has been working in some of the most famous Super Hero Series in National Television.

 And now Rene will put the music for our new Super hero Scorpion Girl.